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Statement to current situation related to the spread of Covid-19 in Europe


SPOLCHEMIE is carefully monitoring the situation. In this moment SPOLCHEMIE is able to fulfil all its contractual obligations. We expect that the situation may become more difficult in near future if coronavirus continues to spread in Europe.

We do not face constrains for production of Inorganics and Commodity products. We see shortage of certain raw materials necessary for production of Speciality resins. It has been caused by the measures related to coronavirus applied in China. The limitations are communicated to the customers. Longer lead times are expected.

The main risks we foresee if the spread of corona virus continues are:

  • Logistics constrains – border controls, availability of the drivers, closures in affected areas
  • Government measures – quarantine for some areas, cities, companies, institutions, border controls, bans for persons from some areas, countries
  • Lack of raw materials – we already see lack of certain materials from China. Country governments did not applied measures to close any production companies because of the presence of infected employees, but the companies can make such decision voluntarily to prevent the infection of other workers. Limited supply may lead to allocations for certain materials
  • Increase of costs, prices – the lack of materials may lead to increase of the prices

SPOLCHEMIE has adopted sufficient measures to avoid above mentioned risks

  • Raw materials are being purchased under the contracts. SPOLCHEMIE is not exposed to the spot supplies.
  • SPOLCHEMIE has maximized its stock of raw materials taking into account storage capacities in the site.
  • SPOLCHEMIE has adopted the rules for its workers like for example ban to travel to exposed areas and obligatory quarantine after return from certain areas if visited before the new rules were applied. Meetings with external persons were limited or banned for the time being.
  • There is increased frequency of hygiene routines implemented. External visitors including drivers must wear masks/drapes and use antivirotic cleaning gels when entering the site.
  • SPOLCHEMIE is monitoring the situation every day on the management level and adopts further measures as needed.

Above all SPOLCHEMIE adopts all measures required by the state authorities and as described above it has adopted many other measures above the obligatory requirements. Despite that SPOLCHEMIE is not able to exclude the development of the situation to such a point that it will not be effectively able to supply its products to certain areas, countries or companies. SPOLCHEMIE excludes its responsibility in such cases. Please communicate any concerns related to the orders and/or deliveries, limitations, closures in your company, area or state.

Update: 13.3.2020

By 12th of March 2020 the governent of the Czech Republic announced a state of emergency. It includes the restrictions for citizens of other countries to enter the Czech Republic and vice versa. The measures do not apply for the truck drivers. In that sense the transport of the goods in and out of Czech Republic is allowed and possible.

We see limited offerings of logistics services for certain destinations especially Italy, Spain and France.

Update: 16.3.2020

The Government, of the Czech Republic with effect from 16th of March 2020 prohibits the free movement of persons throughout the Czech Republic with exceptions for travel to work and ensuring the basic needs. As a consequence of that majority of the administrative workers of SPOLCHEMIE incl. Sales are working from homeoffice. The production and dispatching of all products was not interrupted by this decision.

Additionally to previously presented limitations we see heavy restrictions for transport of the products on Croatian borders.

We see longer waiting times on the borders. These could lead to longer delivery times. We kindly ask our customers for understanding. In case of any concerns please contact your responsible Sales Manager.

This statement may be further updated. Please follow for the updates.

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