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TOP products in SPOLCHEMIE alkyds portfolio 2018


SPOLCHEMIE is European leading producer of synthetic resins. Our R&D teams are still working hard on development of products which add real value to your business.

The selection of our product portfolio for 2018 includes top and new developed products with exceptional properties in weather and corrosion resistance, sustainable "bio-alkyds" with a bio-based content of up to 93%, a wide range of water-soluble and solvent-free binders and proven high-performance alkyds.

  • TOP SELECTION OF ALKYDS 2018 you could find HERE.

Our experience and the desire for innovation meets the high expectations of the market in terms of quality, functionality and ecology. We strive to hold our customers on the top of the coatings market.

For the further information contact your Sales Manager or mail to Romana Granatova, Marketing Manager:

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